Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random me...

Happy Fathers Day!!

Here's a toast!

Putting frozen fruits in your beverage is such a great delight. You guys must try it, if you guys haven't yet its the best way to serve drinks but for those who are age appropriate for this of course.The fruit absorbs the liquid, its just a little treat when you finish drinking. Like the times when we were a kid when buying those sorbet/popsticles shape as cones from the icecream truck, where they had a gum suprise on the bottom. I had champagne in it earlier but I'm not a champagne kind of person. So I decided to pour my smirnoff into the glass and SUCCESS, it tasted good:)


  1. Yup - Happy Father's Day all around :)

  2. Ohhhh! Thanks for sharing this Salina will def. give it a try. :3

  3. i've tried this with strawberries and vodka.. really good! :D

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  4. ohhhh hardcore! lol I've never tried hard liquor with strawberries. I will probably try it! thanks.