Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Haul :)

Hey you guys!!! I went to Fullerton(Rowland Heights) with mi Amiga Riya. We were on a mission to find some more Asian brand makeup. There's two stores that We had went to, Beauty Corner and Lavender Beauty. I had picked up a few stuff. From Beauty corner I bought the Make Mania Eye Color Pink Bord palette, Kate Diamond Cut eyes Palette in GN-1, and a eyelash case. The other two items I bought was from a store called Lavender Beauty and its just some sort of Velcro to hold bangs back. The color on these palettes are a little bit dull, but it works kind of well, it gives more a natural look rather than dramatic. The shadows texture is a little different from shadows I've used before, its more like a wet/dry consistency which I do like, major plus. The only thing that really disappointed me was the Kate, it's packaging doesn't seem durable. It seems as if it would break any time soon, very fragile. But other than that i really am happy on what I've bought :)

A closer look on the items I've got.

Eyelash Case
Eyeshadow Palettes
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes (GN-1)

Make Mania Eye Color Pink Bord
Shown in the back of the packaging. Which I thought it was really neat, because if you were a beginner to makeup, this would give you an idea on how to apply it. And vise versa to people who aren't a beginner it can open a new style on how to apply makeup.


  1. Nice haul! Hope you can do a FOTD with your latest purchase. Lovely shadow swatches. :3

  2. Thank you love. I will probably do one soon :)

  3. keep those transparent boxes! good to store stuffs ^^ nice colours, i <3 kanebo kate too!

    xoxo elle