Saturday, June 12, 2010


OMGOSH! another giveaway already! ^_^ its a little bit more than the first. The first giveaway is still not over I just need one more follower to enter but it will end June 21st. But for this 2nd giveaway it will be ending July 21st, so you will have more than a month to enter. There will be four winners and these winners will be chosen by me. Its going to be held for my youtube subrcibers and blog followers. Lets get into the prizes.

1st Prize Winner: Missha The Style Blusher in No. 4 Pink
Smashbox Eyeshadow in ASAP
Smashbox Lip Paint in Luminary
& Make Up Forever (sens' eyes)

2nd Prize Winner: Missha The Style Creamy Eyes in VL01 (sheer purple base)
Smashbox in Pronto
Smashbox Lip Paint in Artiste &
Smashbox Photo Finish Light
3rd Prize Winner: Smashbox Double Exposure Lip& Cheek Color in Speedracer
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Icon
Tarte Face Primer &
Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting foundation Primer
4th Prize Winner: Sample of Laniege Pore Clear Cleansing Foam,
Laniege Strawberry Yogurt Pack, Sensitive Essence, Iope Retinol Wrinkle Care, &
Shiseido Makeup Remover

1. Must be 18 or older or have a parent gardian consent.
2. Must be a follower to me and my BFF pinkstrawberrieloveyum
3. Link my giveaway in a new post and leave a link of the entry.
4. Comment Below leaving:
& What's your fave makeup brand and why??? Please put some thought into it, your answers will determine the winners I choose. I will be checking daily and reading all the entries. I will have a video posted on youtube about these products, visit Ends July 21st, good luck :)


  1. wow so many cute stuffs!!!

  2. I'm a follower of yours and pinkstrawberrieloveyum

    I post your giveaway in my blog:

    Name: Krischia
    Username: Shin Eun Ae

    My favorite make up brand is missha but I only have 3 thing from missha and their doing great for me...I love the missha bb cream a lot but I'm only using the sample size so i'll maybe run out...
    And missha is really hard to find in our country which is Philippines and I need to buy online...Your so lucky you have that stuffs, I also wanna try laneige and smashbox but they are so expensive here and really hard to find... Smashbox cosmetics here in our country cost like my 2 weeks allowance...

    And I'm also going to subscribe in your youtube channel.... Yeah!

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this cutie stuffs!!!

  3. Hi!!

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

    I'm your follower (Carmen Cánovas)

    I don't have a blog, but I tweeted your giveaway here:

    My favorite makeup brand is ELF, I buy their products through internet, because they don't have any shop where I live. The first time I bought from them I was a bit scared because the products are so cheap and I thought they could be bad quality. But I was wrong. They're very good and very cheap :D So I'm happy now to have bought them.

    Name: Carmen Cánovas
    Username: carmencj

  4. You're too generous! ^_^
    I am a follower of both blogs.

    Name: Michelle Huynh
    Username: Michelle Huynh (Michelle-esque)

    I unfortunately do not own a lot of make up. The reason being is because I am financially unable to own a lot of cosmetics. So far I have Runaway Eyeshadow in Milani and it basically has shades of bronze tones. I try not to wear anything heavy and I love the natural colors in this eyeshadow. I also use L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara, which I cannot go out without wearing it. My eyelashes are very short and I find it very difficult to even curl them. This mascara makes it very easy for me to have thick eyelashes. As far as lip brands I am using Neutrogena's Moisture Shine which keeps my lips from cracking. Those are the brands that I currently use.

    Thank you again for hosting giveaways.
    Although the chances of me winning is very slim, I appreciate bloggers such as yourself for taking out your time and money just to give away things like this. For those who can't afford to buy expensive make up or even refill make up, this is an opportunity for them to really get a chance to try things that they wouldn't have been able to begin with.

    xo, Michelle

  5. Salina you're so generous and the prices are lovely!

    I'm a follower of both you and pinkstrawberrieloveyum.

    I have posted about your giveaway here -

    Name: Sugar
    Username: Saccharine0158

    GAAHHH!!! O.O It's so hard to name just one brand LOL!
    I mean different brands have one or more products that are definitely worth loving. But if I'd have to pick only one brand I would definitely have to say smashbox because of the consistency and the quality of their products.
    I have yet to try a product of theirs that I don't like. I love their primer and their glosses! I have had a chance to try their eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, primer and mascara - all these products never disappointed me and produced such good results. x) Although quite expensive I believe it's worth investing in their products.

    Another brand which I have been loving and is much more budget friendly is Etude House. In about less than a month of trying their products i have never had a breakout! Their products are very comparable with high end brands. :3 I now understand why many bloggers rave about Etude House.

  6. Im a follower of yours and your bff also...
    Name: Chia
    Username: Chia
    I post about your giveaway here,,,

    my fave makeup brand is etude house love those girly stuffs and they are so affordable!!! Just Exact for my budget... I love the skincare stuffs that they are selling also...But the cosmetics are so goood...awesome... thats the only product I used...

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  8. Hi!!

    Wow, Cool giveaway
    Im following your friend aswell =)

    My favorite makeup brand is MUA, I buy their products from superdrugs. I dont really have much cash to buy all the high branded makeup so thease products are really good for me as they are only £1..or $1 =).Some of their products are really pigmentated so i get the feeling i would feel if i had high branded products like most people =/.
    I just love the way they are packaged and the fact that they are so cheap..yet so good for the money is why they are my favorite.

    Love your blog by the way...its so pretty and omg....that diamond thing on the 2nd prize is to die for!!

    Goodluck everyone

    Name: Sarah-Louise
    Username: Sarah-Louise

  9. Hello =]

    Im a follower of both you lovely ladies.

    Name: Emma
    Username: xshockx

    Quite hard to choose! But recently ive been loving benefit more and more! Can be a little pricey but the quality is worth and i've never been disappointed by a product yet!
    The packaging is adorable the names are cute.. ^_^
    When they do sets like powderpop palette, confessions of a concealaholic etc.. They'll always use ALL the current customer favourites for an affordable price, which is also a good way to sample their other products! =]

    Its also a family company started by two sisters and carried on by their daughters (which I just like how its a genuine company that are passionate about their products!)

    Thankyou for this comp, very generous of you!


  10. Name: Emiliana Sison
    Username: Luckyfinds
    Email: emiliana.sison(at)

    Posted your giveaway on my sidebar

    My favorite brand is Maybelline mainly because I don't get adverse skin reactions while using it. Secondly because it is very affordable.

  11. can i still join??? =D
    follower of urs and ur bff =D

    Name: Ri-Chan

    What's your fave makeup brand and why???

    hmmm right now will probably be Laneige. Love its liquid foundation skin veil as it doesn't leave the sticky feeling on my face and I love the coverage of my scares on my face. And also the lippie colors are lovely!!! love the tanned gold especially, since I'm not a fan of red lippies hehehe. and also I just love their water bank, strawberry yogurt pack and their sleeping pack... kyyya ok i'm off the topic.

  12. you can still join this giveaway it ends july 21st.

  13. I am a follower of your blog and pinkstrawberrieloveyum's blog also.

    i posted your giveaway in my blog.

    Username:ks sn

    i like the clinique's makeup because somehow they dont clog my pores and cause acne,i had cystic acne before.


  14. HI! i'm a your follower and the same with your BFF pinkstrawberrieloveyum..

    I posted you giveaway on my sidebar..

    Name: Ged-Nikole Nuevo

    I like the NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS UV COMPACT, it's really nice to use and it doesn't give me breakouts, plus it helps my freckles fade! and give a fairer complexion..


  15. Hey!!! :) I also followed your BFF.. you both look really gorgeous!! :)
    I posted the giveaway on my blog!! :)


    Name: Jenneca Ching
    Username: enchi

    My favourite makeup brand is Etude House. All the Etude House products that I've tried gave me more that my money's worth. The brand targets teens so the products aren't that pricey. The quality is also great and I don't have to worry about breaking out whenever I use Etude House prosucts..:)

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  16. Hi dear. ^_^ I changed my username to Sugar Sugar to avoid confusion. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks. :3

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  18. Hello! ^__^

    Hopin' to catch up on this awesome giveaway! ^__^

    I am a follower of you and Pinkstrawberrielove! ^__^
    Name: Angel
    Username: Angelamhiere

    What's your fave makeup brand and why?
    I don't have much make-up but honestly, I want to try popular brands like MAC, NYX, etc... So far, I am using Skinfood BB Cream and Maybelline Pressed powder... I can't share some of the brands that I own since they aren't that popular. =D

    I love Skinfood. ^__^