Sunday, August 1, 2010


sorry I actually announce the winners on youtube and forgot to post it on my blog :) sorry so long overdue but heres the vid

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey you guys...

im so sorry for the delay i don't think i will be posting the winners soon. to make it up i will be adding some samples and also give some samples to 3 more winners so instead of having 4 I will have 7 winners and the last 3 will get some samples. I'm sorry you guys.. but i hope you guys understand, im actually leaving right now as we speak. soooo sorry, love you guys be back on friday!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Giveaway for July21st was closed!

hey you guys, I will probably announce the winners on Monday, or Wednesday but I will do it before Thursday because I will be out of the city. I just want to reread your responses before I make any final decisions, and if you don't win this time, note that they'll be more giveaways/contests. Thank you :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Rant...

Okay, today at work OMG! well I work at Mcdonalds, how embarrassing, I KNOW! lol but its money, right? Us gals do what we can to get are neccessities which is MORE AND MORE MAKEUP! Well today I was working in the drive-thru area where I was just taking orders and taking money at the same time. I had a customer, he had ordered to Sausage McMuffins, and the next car had ordered 2 sausage burritos and a Lrg sprite. So the Guy who ordered the sausage mcmuffins gave me his card so I swiped his card, for some reason the recipt didn't print out and so I had thought he didn't pay for it, but I guess his card had went through and then the next order had shown up, I didn't really pay attention to the order and I thought his card didn't go through so I had swiped it again and it said card has been use twice, so my dummie had put manager privilege to let the card go through again so he ended up paying for the next order. I realized what I've done wrong and I have explain to him and I told him he will be refunded in cash. Then I guess he was not sure how much he had on his card and when I told him what I did he was like thats how you f***** peoples account, you shouldn't be doing that da da da da da. then I had my manager give him the refund and he was telling him that I was lucky that it did not go over, he would of made us pay for the overdraft, and How the hell I'm going to overcharge him, and how I'm over here F***ing people's account. He was utterly rude, my manager had explain to him if it had happen we would be able to pay for his overdraft. Then he's all saying that he shouldn't be dealing or going through to verify that because its not his fault. My manager had told him people make mistakes and he kept rambling on about me ruining his account. It frustrates me, I know It was my fault, but I did tell him what I had did, and I also apologize alot of times. As long as if I know if I get an overdraft on my account and I know that they will reinburse me I would be okay. But I don't know, I just can't believe what he had said because he said the meanest things!!!! But how would you feel if you were in his situage, would you lash out, or be more understanding? I would like to know :) thanks you guys have a nice, wonderful day, and i'll try to update more :D
Just a quick update, about what I been doing and my giveaways!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

hey, it's been awhile...

I know its been awhile, I was kind of busy. I've mailed out the giveaway prizes on Wednesday, so for the winners they will arrive in about 2-3 weeks because it was international. Okie, to make up for my absentee on blogspot, I have a lil haul for you guys! teehee...
I went to a store in San Gabriel its called Takashima. They mostly have some asian makeup products sold there. I wanted to buy some more Kate palettes so I did, the images shown, as you can see I bought the orange and green palette, I also have the pink palette, sorry I don't have an image for you, I misplaced the pink palette somewhere and I just can't find it. I'm kind of disappointed, I thought there would of been more product for the priced I had paid for it, and its not as vibrant as I wanted to be. It gives off a more natural look and the color is a tad bit dull. I might have to play with these palettes again to like it, but my first impression of these made me regret buying it.
Palette in Or-1

Here's a Swatch:

Palette in : GR-1

Here's a Swatch:

So I had went to Sephora, because my friend riya known as pinkstrawberrieyumlove, told me about the new cream products that had came out by Make Up Forever. I had to check them out, I'm really impressed with these products. They really stay put, they do not smear after applying the product on. You don't really need that much product, it shows in just one swipe!!! I only bought one, I am really in love. They have some cream products for eyes and cheeks. The one I have are for cheeks and lips. When applying these on your cheeks you should blend it out quickly because they would stain your cheeks. When applying it on your lips, please moisturize your lips before applying the product, I notice that your lips will come out dry or really stift if you don't moisturize prior to applying the cream on.
Here's a Swatch:

so right now, I've been on a search for connector rings, and this Love ring is the only one I've found really. I got this at forever 21 it was $3.80 so its not that bad. I almost where it everyday!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul! Take care :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is to Love with Elle.

hey girlie! I tried emailing you, I haven't got a response from you so I don't know if i have the right email address from you. Can you comment below again and input your email address. If I don't get a reply by tomorrow I will probably give out the prize to someone else. Hope to hear from you soon :)