Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today my BFF, Riya and I decided to go out. We didn't really know what to to, so we went to alot of places to find any good deals on cosmetics, we went to Zion Market, Ulta, Dollar Tree, and Target. We didn't really find anything. So we decided to pay a visit to Amore just to catch up with Cindy who works there. I couldn't resist, I bought Laniege (The Secret of Snow Crystal) in hot pink LR109. It is part of the essence shadow. If you guys are not aware of the essence, the texture is different for most shadows, it feels wet but when applied its dry. The texture is similar to Victoria Secret eyeshadows. It's a very soft and fragile shadow, because when I purchased it there was a crack and the shadow was kind of broken into two pieces so I had to push it in to combined the two. So far I'm really into there essence shadows, I'm really liking the texture. I did a swatch of the shadow but you really can't see the color as much. Its more a shimmer pink color in the picture you really can't see how pink it is. When wearing natural color eyeshadows, in my opinion you can put it on the center of your lids just to give a extra pop. It will definitely bring out the color of your shadows that are applied on your eyes.

here's a swatch:
She gave me a sample there Perfect Renew Line. I'm so excited to use it! If your looking to firm your face this is your line. I will have to do a review on it later because I haven't used it yet. Thanks cindy!


  1. Hi Salina! That's such a pretty color. ^_^ I'm not sure if Laneige is available here in my country so I suppose I should start looking for their shop. :3

  2. Beautiful color. And don't you just LOVE samples?!

  3. OMG LANIEGE IS GREAT! haha whenever you try the products you just want more! lol There stuff is a little bit pricey but I think its worth it. And on top of that samples! haha yes I do love samples! Its really neat because there samples could at least last you 2 weeks or more and its cute packaging :)