Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mac Limited Collection : To the Beach

Marine Life (high-light powder)

I really did not find out about this collection until I saw Dulce Candy review on youtube. I decided to check out the Mac site, then I saw this high-light powder. It really caught my attention, the next day I was on a search for it. It was sold out in Cerritos Mall, at the Mac Pro store as well the Mac in Nordstorm. Luckily I called Lakewood's Mac in Macys if they had it on stock, and Yay they did. Its really nice and pigmented. Its not really a high-light, well you can use it as a high light for now because you see in the picture its reflecting gold shimmers. Once you use it more often the gold shimmers are long gone and its basically the pinks you will be using. This actually resembles a lot like the Spring Forecast Collection when they had the blushes with two shades. This high-light powder is a MUST GET!!!

To the Beach Collection : Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow

Top: Humid Left: Firecracker Left: Shimmermoss
I really like these shadows. Compared to there normal eyeshadows I think these are more better for some reason, and I love the texture. But yeah, I'm kind of bummed because i wanted the other two eyeshadows from this collection that i did not get which were sand&sun and sweet&punchy. I just checked the site unfortunately they had sold out!!! What a bummer, right!? Well hopefully they might have it in stores because for some reason they still have the Liberty eyeshadows, so maybe they will have some of these shadows in store :)
Here's a Swatch!!!

Don't Mind my hand, its so burnt!! lol


  1. everytime i see the Mac Marine Life, i feel ike i regret not getting it...If i see it at the MAc store tomorrow, i would say it's fate and purchase it. LOL

    firecracker and sweet&punchy is VERY pretty. Hope you can get your hands on sweet&punchy. It reminds me a little of LuckyGreen

  2. haha I was going to buy two of the Mac Marine Life, because I have this thing when its pretty I just can't touch it yet. I still haven't used the High Light. So sad! lol I'm going to wait out a week before getting the other shadows so hopefully its not sold out.

  3. It seems like to the beach collection is sold out on most stores. :( i really wanted to get the hipness blush LOL! Marine life is so pretty but I'm afraid to buy it since like you I wouldn't want to ruin the pretty sea horse embossed on the powder. x)