Saturday, July 3, 2010

hey, it's been awhile...

I know its been awhile, I was kind of busy. I've mailed out the giveaway prizes on Wednesday, so for the winners they will arrive in about 2-3 weeks because it was international. Okie, to make up for my absentee on blogspot, I have a lil haul for you guys! teehee...
I went to a store in San Gabriel its called Takashima. They mostly have some asian makeup products sold there. I wanted to buy some more Kate palettes so I did, the images shown, as you can see I bought the orange and green palette, I also have the pink palette, sorry I don't have an image for you, I misplaced the pink palette somewhere and I just can't find it. I'm kind of disappointed, I thought there would of been more product for the priced I had paid for it, and its not as vibrant as I wanted to be. It gives off a more natural look and the color is a tad bit dull. I might have to play with these palettes again to like it, but my first impression of these made me regret buying it.
Palette in Or-1

Here's a Swatch:

Palette in : GR-1

Here's a Swatch:

So I had went to Sephora, because my friend riya known as pinkstrawberrieyumlove, told me about the new cream products that had came out by Make Up Forever. I had to check them out, I'm really impressed with these products. They really stay put, they do not smear after applying the product on. You don't really need that much product, it shows in just one swipe!!! I only bought one, I am really in love. They have some cream products for eyes and cheeks. The one I have are for cheeks and lips. When applying these on your cheeks you should blend it out quickly because they would stain your cheeks. When applying it on your lips, please moisturize your lips before applying the product, I notice that your lips will come out dry or really stift if you don't moisturize prior to applying the cream on.
Here's a Swatch:

so right now, I've been on a search for connector rings, and this Love ring is the only one I've found really. I got this at forever 21 it was $3.80 so its not that bad. I almost where it everyday!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul! Take care :)


  1. Oh my...the palette with greens is so cute... Pls...make a look using those ^^,
    Love Love Love ^^,

  2. some kate palettes are not that dissapointing but i agree with the neutral palettes, i cant make any eotd out of it too lol

    <3 that ring!
    xoxo elle

  3. Super love your purchases dear.

    The eyeshadows look so pigmented and the ring is awesome!

    The aqua cream is sooooo pretty!!!! :3 I super love the shade you got. Will be looking forward to the looks and tutorials that you will do with these items.


  4. the swatches are so uber pretty! ^__^

  5. love your ring dear:)
    please visit my blog too and follow if you like it :) thanks and have a nice day